All Knowlegde Base Articles

10000 Alarm triggered by snowflakes or raindrops
10001 Axis media parser: An unspecified error occurred
10004 Cannot replay recorded video
10005 Gallagher (Cardax) access control devices do not work after upgrade
10006 How to add an alternative codec
10008 How to delete a camera from the command line
10009 How to merge signal files after a failover
10010 Panasonic camera and firewalls
10013 System.UnauthorizedAccessException: User cannot perform Connect on Farm:[]
10014 Tracker will not start or remain running
10015 Troubleshooting for the VE150
10017 Vivotek Camera FD7141 or FD7131 cannot receive I/O input alarm
10022 Ports used in [:Company] [:Product] Versions 6 and earlier
10023 How to set up two servers behind one single public IP
10024 WebServiceConsole change between 6.2 and 6.5
10025 How to use [:Product] Client logs to determine FPS received by the Client
10027 Video Wall and Carousel
10028 How to add Windows firewall exceptions from the command line to allow remote clients to connect
10029 RAID configurations
10030 Cannot play historical video across a change in video resolution
10031 Searches do not work across a video resolution change
10032 Connectivity problems between camera and server when using UDP (unicast or multicast)
10033 How to manually create Windows service with sc command
10034 Installation cannot be uninstalled or re-installed
10035 Troubleshooting installation of ActiveX components for network cameras in IE7
10036 Working with a NAS
10037 How to modify the number of alarms
10038 How to add the Increase FPS on alarm option in [:Product] 6.1 and 6.2 or later
10040 Supported devices for the PT090/PT091
10041 MJPEG mode not working on Axis H.264 cameras
10042 Unable to create filter graph - STG_E_INVALIDHEADER error message
10043 Memory Limits for Windows Releases
10044 Install error 1324 on Windows Vista
10045 No access to historical video
10046 How to restore default "Lost Camera Connection" policy
10047 Unlicensed due to hardware change error message
10048 Client cannot connect to Server after changing [:Product] to a non-standard port
10049 How to re-run the Environment Checklist
10051 How to disable and stop all tracker services
10052 Client software always uses Proxy Server
10053 How to configure [:Product] to use other IP address when sending notifications
10054 Turn off PDebug
10055 IQeye camera not working
10056 Motion from Axis cameras not working with MPEG4 mode
10057 How to de-warp an image from the ImmerVision lens
10058 How to store daily snapshots
10059 How to set Axis and Vivotek video encoders for PTZ control
10060 Saved video not always viewable
10062 Some Sony cameras not displaying video in [:Product] on Windows Server 2008
10063 Configure [:Product] services to log on under a specific user account
10064 How to save a panel name in a Multi View in Symphony 6.9 and prior releases
10066 screen must be at least "1024x768"
10069 How to use data files if you have lost configuration
10070 A farm with ID already exists, possibly because of a farm merge or corrupt registration. Registration for has been removed.
10072 How to configure ADAM I/O devices for use with [:Company] [:Product]
10073 How to migrate the database to SQL 2008
10074 How are footage files written to the NAS
10076 How to activate I/O on a Sony DH180 camera
10079 How to add a setting to control PTZ movement when it is unlocked and a camera tour is disabled or inactive
10080 How to manually add a FLIR camera to [:Product]
10081 How to delay or speed up alarm notification from Lost Camera Connection
10082 How to activate two relays on the same Adam 6060 with one Rule?
10083 Not detecting motion during PTZ camera tour
10085 Unable to connect to PSA after upgrading
10086 How to verify exported video with logs using md5sum
10087 Communication with [:Company] [:Product]
10088 How to set up the [:Product] Single Sign On feature on a Windows Server 2008 R2 domain
10089 Limitations to the 4 historical streams concurrently in fast forward with "Lock times on navigation" feature
10090 How to exempt a single camera from the global camera tamper rule
10091 How to bypass auto-discovery by specifying a comma separated list of camera manufacturers
10092 How to set up edge storage for Axis cameras
10093 How to view a list of banned cameras and camera groups
10094 How to lock a PTZ camera without disabling the Camera Tour
10097 How to change streams from a FLIR camera
10099 An upgrade to Symphony results in Infoservice restarting constantly
10100 AXIS T8310 Surveillance Control Board (T8311, T8312, T8313)
10101 Using the killall command
10102 How to record footage in 1 hour segments
10103 How to change the cleaner interval time
10104 How to set maximum file footage size
10106 Tracking colours/colors
10107 How to control PTZ Camera Auxiliary Outputs
10108 Error sending email to "" using SMTP server ""
10109 How load a Web page with the live video of a specific camera
10110 How to change the transmission priority setting to image quality (Constant Bit Rate) instead of FPS (Panasonic cameras only)
10111 Megapixel resize/capture resolution versus analysis resolution
10112 Cannot load DLL file or Cannot find the specified module
10113 LTO-5 Tape File System
10114 C: drive completely filled up and not being cleared
10116 How to add View Areas to [:Product]
10118 How to order camera list in Camera tree
10119 What is the best video card to use on client machines?
10121 New profiles default to no permissions for all [:Product] users
10122 How to set the Queue Time feature in ALPR
10123 How to import or export a camera list, or create a blank template for a camera list
10124 SSO Single Sign On (Windows authentication) not working with [:Product] or other applications
10125 [:Product] Support for I/O and Audio in Axis P8221
10126 How to enable and connect to the data stream from the License Plate Recognition Engine (VE410)
10127 Merging farms in Symphony 6.10
10128 Video in 6.10 server viewed in 5.4 client
10129 Logs for a Client-only installation are not in the folder that %WINUSER% is pointing to
10130 How to reset the sa password for SQL 2005 Express
10131 Setting up Access Control (Gallagher/Cardax and RBH) alarms to work on a multi-server farm
10132 How to enable MSI logging
10133 Resolution, Aspect, Megapixel List
10134 How to add I/O from the E3200 back into the system once it has been removed
10138 How to quickly add another server to a server farm
10139 How to get the Kiosk application from [:Company] Xnet
10140 Inputs/Outputs in E3200 and E7000
10141 Digital Input and Output (DIO devices) supported on Maps
10142 Video analytic taking up CPU, jerky video, dropped/deleted frames in tracker log on Windows 7
10146 How to set up Samsung SNB-7001 camera to support up to 30 FPS
10147 Auto discovery not working with Johnson Control cameras when using Windows Server 2008 R2
10150 [:Company] People Counter and Axis Camera Application Platform
10151 How to back up and restore the [:Product] database as an SQL backup
10152 How to install the PSA update manually
10153 Running the PSA as a DHCP server: Address Range of IP Address
10154 Re-register server after changing default port
10156 Error in DIO of E3205 and E3210 PSA
10157 How to improve performance on Mobile Bridge Server to reduce unnecessary alarm traffic
10158 How to define choppy video when communicating with Support
10159 NAS and SAN storage
10160 License Plate Recognition: How to configure [:Product] to allow a 3rd party system to update the license plate list
10161 E7000 PSA: Service cannot start and Web Admin is not available
10162 "Error code 10162" Device Pack Installation Errors - Setup cannot continue
10165 How to install a Device Pack
10168 How to display analog devices in the Symphony device list
10170 SQL connectivity issue - OSQL can connect, but DBUpdater cannot
10171 Exploring Windows Storage Technologies: DAS, NAS and SAN-Based Solutions
10172 Troubleshooting issues with small camera resolutions
10173 Confirmation dialog for errors when using ImportDeviceGroups Utility
10174 How to find the size of tables in SQL
10175 [:Product] Codec required for blackout masks to work with network cameras
10176 ForegroundAppearanceSensitivity parameter for VE180 analytic engine
10177 How to set threshold for event data
10178 How to use the [speed] parameter in the [:ExePrefix]2Mpeg utility or the [:ExePrefix]2Mp4 utility
10179 How to change download scheduling and speed for Device Pack and [:Product] Client updates
10180 PTZ priorities changed when upgrade from from 6.2 fails and is run twice
10181 Problems when upgrading from 6.2 to 6.9.5
10182 Troubleshooting on-camera storage
10184 How to set up a custom browser page
10185 Setting the language for SMTP Messages
10186 ShadowRemoval parameter for VE180 analytic engine
10187 How to find the Type code for a license plate region
10189 How to export all your video data in Symphony 6.10
10190 Error Message: Search is unable to complete.
10192 Log contents and meaning
10193 How to clear space on a drive
10194 Scheduler not running
10195 Error Message: One or more plates could not be deleted
10196 How to shrink the database
10197 Message: Changes are being applied
10198 Troubleshooting SSO authentication with AES256 in a single domain
10199 Setup Wizard crashes during upgrade
10200 Environment check fails and InfoService constantly restarting
10201 Upgrading from 6.2 to a later release fails
10202 How to configure Mobile Bridge Server with Active Directory
10205 AI Authentication service will not start after upgrading to Symphony 6.11.0.x
10207 AI Services
10208 How to enable the automatic snapshot update in Videowall Manager window in Symphony 6.11.1
10209 How to set an alarm link in an email to an external IP address
10210 Trackerapp command line usage
10212 Backup and Restore process in [:Product] 6.12
10215 How to change the logo in video decorations
10217 CPU Overload Protection and Failover
10218 How to Configure [:Product] Web Servers for SSL (Windows 8)
10219 Frame Rate Variance
10221 How to reduce deadlocks and improve SQL server throughput and performance
10223 How to use ISCSI with [:Product]
10224 How to configure SQL Server Express to allow remote TCP/IP connections on port 1433
10226 How long are alarms available in the alarm log for viewing
10234 Error: 2755 - The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with the package.
10235 How to enable/capture MSI logs
10236 Troubleshooting the ActiveX control installation
10238 License Plate Log displays wrong JPEG in the camera panel
10239 Mobile Bridge Server cannot connect to [:Product]
10240 Error 1718 (Installer failing with exit code 1603 on Windows 2003)
10242 [:Product] not generating alarms because of Windows 7 popup feature
10244 [:Product] installer generates errors at Additional Required Windows Features stage on Windows 8
10246 Digital I/O on some Axis cameras may not function when the Video Format is set to h264
10248 Workaround for: When you mount network drives or use SMB with CIFS, Windows Service acts differently than a user mapped drive
10249 PTZ mode available when adding Oncam cameras
10250 Generic de-warping functionality is supported in [:Product] for Axis M3007 and Eneo 5MP Fisheye
10251 [:Product] Client continuously connecting/disconnecting
10252 GetImageInternal | Exception occurred connecting to NetSendHist. Will try to [re]start NetSendHist
10254 How to disable mandatory presets for PTZs
10255 How to display the Supervisor Logon feature and disable the Reason field
10259 Running multiple instances of [:Product] Client on the same machine
10260 How to display the size/speed of an object in VE180 or VE150 analytic
10261 How to enable Rule logging for License Plate Recognition (LPR)
10262 How to Increase LogLevel to MoreInfo
10263 License check failed message
10264 Video is upside down because RTSP protocol does not support rotation
10265 Edge Storage - One Stream Recorded and Retrieved
10266 How to move server licenses from one farm to another
10268 How to enable the color detection feature in the VE180 analytic engine
10269 IE11 and [:Product] Web Client
10270 How to loop a .aira file on all trackers in [:Product] instead of using video from a camera
10271 Troubleshooting High Client CPU Usage
10273 Troubleshooting Axis Corridor Mode
10274 How to enable other buttons in the PTZ control interface
10275 Encryption between components
10277 Ports
10278 Cannot insert new log records while archiving
10279 Single Sign-On delays with Microsoft Active Directory user authentication
10280 [:Company] [:Product] OPC Server setup
10282 [:Company] [:Product] Setup Wizard may not continue if private IP address is used
10283 Heat Map Image Reports table data
10285 [:Company] People Counter License Registration Error: Invalid, Too Early
10289 How to troubleshoot license plates not being detected
10290 Convert video files in [:Product] 6.14
10292 Installing Symphony Client on Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server/RDS Windows Installer Coordinator Hangs
10293 How to configure auxiliary commands for network cameras and video encoders
10295 Dewarping does not work on fisheye camera
10297 How to open related cameras when a camera alarm is detected
10300 Enable a polarity button in the PTZ control interface of [:Product] Client
10302 Installing or Upgrading Symphony on a FIPS-enabled server
10304 Streaming [:Product] video via RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)
10305 VE180 Indoor People Tracking Configuration Options
10306 VE180 Outdoor Object Tracking Configuration Options
10309 How to convert LPR plate type to region name
10310 How to manually install required Windows features when installation fails
10311 How to open live video using Web Client URL variables
10312 How to create Factory Recovery USB sticks for E-Series PSAs
10313 Device does not power on
10314 HDMI output is not working or is cut off
10315 Device cannot connect to Video Source
10316 Camera views contain blank camera panels
10317 Cannot connect to ONVIF-compliant camera because no ONVIF stream available
10319 How to set up [:Product] SMTP for Google Gmail
10320 How to add camera tour location name decorations for live and historical video
10321 “No Data Available” message when attempting to view [:Product] logins or detailed events
10322 How to manually remove old People Counter count data
10323 How to manually install [:Product] Web Client ActiveX components
10326 How to enable automatic switching
10329 How to recover space on the PSA OS drive
10330 Connect to Thin Client using SSH
10332 Supported Cameras for Edge Storage
10336 Record Desktop using VLC Media Player
10337 How to configure multicast for an ONVIF camera
10338 Camera Tour False Alarms
10339 Using [:Product] Client with Internet Explorer 11
10340 Edges of the Displayed Image are Cropped
10342 Determining Axis Camera Application Platform Compatibility
10343 Devices with versions of the Axis Camera Application Platform compatible with [:Company] embedded analytics
10345 BETA release of Outdoor Motion Detection Embedded Analytic
10346 How to Generate a List of User Login and Log Out Times
10347 [:Company] A10D Thin Client Firmware Upgrade
10349 How to Integrate [:Company] Outdoor Object Tracker Events Using Axis Metadata Stream
10350 How to increase frequency of Symphony health information sent to SEM
10352 How to display Rule Name and ID on mouse hover in Maps
10353 How to Integrate [:Company] Outdoor Object Tracker and 3rd party Video Management Systems using I/O connector
10354 Maximum username length and maximum password length when connecting to network cameras
10358 Troubleshooting Windows® Server 2012 for Large Farms
10359 How to Integrate [:Company] Outdoor Object Tracker and exacqVision VMS using TCP
10360 AXIS cameras stopped working after setting up [:Product] to work through an HTTP proxy
10361 Decorations: Position of Date/Time and Camera name and ID on screen
10362 How to Pause Camera Tour If Preset Detects Alarm
10363 How to change the default number of decorations on an image
10364 [:Product] Player Readme
10365 Video Viewer: ONVIF Server for [:Company] [:Product]
10366 Programatically read live counts from [:Company] People Counter
10367 License Plate Recognition - USA/Canada Region Detection
10370 How to Upgrade from Version 5.4, 6.0 or 6.1 to 6.14
10373 [:Product] Support for Axis C3003E Network Horn Speaker
10374 How to ignore small objects when using the [:Company] Outdoor Object Tracker (AOOT)
10375 How to set up [:Product] for use with XTS KBC-601-IP Joystick
10376 Issue: [:Product] and RBH on same server and [:Product] will not connect
10380 No alarms from AXIS A1001
10381 All Thin Client Articles
10384 Cannot Log into Thin Client Using Chinese Characters
10385 Virus Scanning
10387 SMTP on Various Windows Operating Systems, Incluidng Windows 7 and Vista
10388 How to use trackerapp to Adjust Settings
10389 Upgrading from a version older than
10391 Security Camera Credentials
10392 Mobile Release 2.2 and where to find version 2.1.5
10396 How to delay the time that trackers start up on a server
10399 How to add customized buttons to [:Product]
10400 People Option in Rules Wizard for Face Tracking
10401 Supported Touch Screen Monitors for Thin Client 2.0.1
10402 How to Send Alarms to Sureview Immix Monitoring Software
10405 How to Create a Farm from Multiple Existing Farms
10406 Android “Unknown connection error” when trying to connect to a server
10409 AEM and Symphony - health reporting not working
10410 Connection Fails, Unable to Retrieve Live Video: Thin Client 2.1.0 - Mobile Bridge
10411 Thin Client 2.1.0 - Wrong time displayed in video decoration when connecting to cameras via Mobile Bridge
10413 Farm redundancy settings
10414 2.2.0 Keyboard and Remote Control (CEC) Functions
10415 Network configuration for [:Company] [:Product]
10416 How to Upgrade Your 6.x SDK Applications to v7.0
10417 Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker 1.2.1 - pixel size of objects
10420 Touch Screen Monitor Not Working with Thin Client
10424 Cisco 2960-X and Catalyst SG300 switch with Thin Client
10425 Write to Network Storage in Windows 2012 OS environment
10426 Client cannot connect to the server remotely
10427 Configure Mail Server (Versions 6.x)
10429 How to Integrate [:Company] Outdoor Object Tracker (AOOT) and 3rd party Video Management Systems using I/O connector
10430 SDK: WebserviceConsole.exe – How to set a camera to start recording/stop recording
10432 (Axis) Cameras not working in [:Product] after uninstalling the SDK
10435 Error message when installing SQL Server ‘’ is not a valid login or you do not have permission
10437 Setup Wizard does not accept new license, Add new user fails on “Schema modification”, database marked as "SUSPECT"
10438 Common log lines logged to cs-_.txt (e.g. cs20-160609_00.txt)
10440 How to restore one server’s configuration to another server
10443 Installing Symphony 7 server may cause other web applications on the same server to stop working.
10444 How to configure NFS storage for [:Product]
10448 Network configurations for [:Company] [:Product] Mobile Bridge
10449 Advanced network configuration for [:Company] [:Product]
10450 How to change the Server Configuration port for [:Company] [:Product]
10451 Registering a custom SSL certificate for [:Product] Server
10455 VIdeo does not fill the video panel
10456 Resolving JPEG streaming issues
10457 [:Product] Client displaying incorrectly on 4K monitors
10458 Add a self-signed certificate to [:Company] [:Product] Mobile Bridge using makecert.exe
10461 How to generate a list of users who viewed live video
10462 Unable to log in to the Server Configuration interface
10463 Frame rate and resolution in [:Product] Mobile Applications
10464 Create an action rule for standalone embedded video analytics
10466 Trigger an alarm in [:Product] with a TCP message
10468 SQL Server fails to start
10470 Links in alarm emails, searches, and reports are incorrect
10472 Keyboard shortcuts
10474 Thin Clients do not display video when connecting through Mobile Bridge
10475 Add a Siqura camera that is mounted on a pan and tilt head
10476 Convert video files in [:Product] 7.0
10477 Create an alarm for two people in a scene
10478 Configure NUMA settings for [:Product] virtual machines
10480 TCP command string format
10482 Report timeout settings
10487 How to shrink the database using the command line
10488 Integrate Senstar Network Manager
10489 How to change the number of DIO inputs and outputs in [:Product] from 8 to 16 on incorrectly configured E4000 series PSAs
10490 How to create Factory Recovery USB sticks for R-Series Servers and Operator Stations
10493 Connect to a remote PostgreSQL database
10494 P2000 VMS To Aimetis Symphony Migration Tool
10495 Integrate a Bosch intrusion panel
10496 Firewall exemptions for [:Product]
10499 Use the command line to get SQL database table size and row count
10500 Use the SwitchVideo sample application in the [:Product] SDK
10501 Prevent [:Product] 7.0.11 from deleting [:Product] 6 footage files on upgrade
10502 Integrate a Software House C•Cure 9000 access control device
10503 Integrate an S2 NetBox access control device
10504 Run a report from the command line
10505 Integrate an RBH AxiomV access control device
10507 Integrate a JCI P2000 access control device
10508 Integrate an Axis access control device
10509 Add Axis cameras with dewarped panoramic view to Thin Client devices
10511 SNMP settings for Thin Client devices
10512 Integrate a Gallagher access control device
10513 Collect data remotely from [:Company] People Counter
10515 The [:Product] Web Client does not show video (live and historical)
10516 [:Product] Client is unresponsive
10517 Add a Mobotix multi-lens camera to [:Product]
10518 Change the threshold for key-frame mode
10519 Enable a video codec for a user when exporting video
10520 Configure output on Sony Generation 6 cameras
10521 Video stops playing after refreshing the browser page
10522 Configure HTTPS for Axis cameras
10526 The alarm log disappears if you downgrade from [:Product] Client 7.2 to [:Product] Client 7.1
10530 Local back up does not work with the English (Sweden) system locale
10532 [:Product] Access Control registers DLL files
10533 SEM Bridge fails to boot after downgrading
10537 Audio from the Axis C8210 network audio amplifier does not work
10539 Add special camera presets to [:Product] as auxiliary commands
10541 How to modify the number of alarms
10544 Reset People Counter
10545 Alarms from the [:Product] Access Control do not appear in the [:Product] Server
10548 Force a camera to have a specific ID
10549 The Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking video analytic does not work with thermal cameras
10550 Importing cameras: Mandatory fields in the CSV file
10552 Make ONVIF temperature alarm events appear as digital inputs
10554 [:Product] components and services cannot connect to the [:Product] Server
10555 Merging multiple single-server farms into a single multi-server farm
10557 Custom SSL certificate stops working
10558 R-Series Network Video Recorder is stuck at 1024 x 768 resolution
10559 [:Product] setup wizard cannot create a PostgreSQL database
10564 Error 0x851a0013 means the SQL password does not meet the complexity requirements.
10569 Support passive FTP
10572 Controllers not working with [:Product] AC
10575 Upgrade Microsoft SQL Server (32 bit) to Microsoft SQL Server (64 bit)
10578 WebView2 Runtime installation is missing
10579 Upgrade from the Axis VMS 7.6 to the [:Product] Server 8.x
10581 Install the [:Company] [:Product] AC Agent
10582 Importing old CSV files
10583 Set the minimum password length for [:Company] [:Product]
10584 Video distortion affects moving objects on Axis cameras added using ONVIF
10585 Suggested security settings for Dell servers (Senstar Network Video Recorder and Senstar Physical Security Device)
10587 Hikvision DS-6508HFI shows the wrong stream
10588 Recover the [:Company] E5000 Physical Security Appliance
10589 Running the [:Product] Access Control Windows service with a new user