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Created: 15-Sep-2011 12:48:32 PM
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How to store daily snapshots


In some cases, a daily image per camera may be requested (for example, to illustrate the construction of a building over 12 months, or to create a movie at building completion showing how the building was erected over time.)


  1. In Symphony Client, from the Server menu, select Manual Configuration Editor. The Server Configuration dialog box appears.
  2. Find and change the following parameters (expand Type:Camera) OR at the top, click the Add a new setting... area. The Type, ID, Section, Key, and Value fields appear.
  3. For specific cameras, enter the following:
    where Value=<00> represents the 24 hour clock, for example 12 would be noon.
  4. Type=Camera
    Value=<00 hour of the day>
  5. Or for all cameras, (expand Type:Global), enter the following:
  6. Type=Global
    Value=<00 hour of the day>


Note: The images are stored as JPEGs in two folders:

  • Latest image from camera ID X for posting on a website: Data\_images\daily\latestX.jpg
  • Archive of all images, named by date, stored in folders by camera ID: Data\_images_daily\cam1\



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