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Communication with Senstar Symphony


Client to Server

  1. Client establishes a connection to the farm by connecting to any server in the farm on its web service port (by default, port 50001).
  2. Servers authenticate the client and an encrypted tunnel is negotiated between client and server on this port.
  3. The client connects to the servers to get live video (default port 50000 + Camera ID * 10) and historical video (default port 50002 + Camera ID * 10).

Client to Client

  • If you are using Video Wall functionality, open port 50005 on the client PC.

Server to Server

  • Servers communicate within a farm on port 5034, which is the health port (UDP).

Server to Other

  • Servers connect to the SQL Server on whatever port you have configured (default port 1433).
  • If you use Active Directory or SNMP, Senstar Symphony uses standard ports.

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