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How to use the [speed] parameter in the Aira2Mpeg utility or the Aira2Mp4 utility

To play media files again in Windows Media Player:

  • Use the command line utility Aira2mpeg or Aira2Mp4 located in the _bin folder that converts .aira files into .mpeg files.


Speed Parameter for Aira2Mpeg:

The [speed] parameter is ignored unless using a VCD.

2.0 = 50% video speed

1.0 = normal

0.5 = 2x speed

Speed Parameter for Aira2Mp4:

2.0 = 2x speed

1.0 = normal

0.5 = 50% speed



Aira2mpeg <.airafile> [/V] [/F=NTSC|PAL] <decorations> [speed] [/C FourCC] [/Q Quality]

  Where <decorations> is the sum of:

    1 - Boxes

    2 - Messages

    4 - Time

    8 - Paths

  [speed] (Less than 1 is faster)

  [/V] Video CD formatted MPEG-1 output

  [/F=NTSC|PAL] Format to NTSC or PAL specifications.  Applies to Video CD format only.

  FourCC, Quality, DataRate, KeyframeRate are compressor settings. Leave blank for defaults.

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