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Created: 10-Jan-2013 4:50:36 PM
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How to set threshold for event data

You can select a narrower time frame for event data in Help>View Detailed Events dialog box.

View detailed events

If the threshold is exceeded, you are warned with message and option to download more.

warning message for exceeded number of records displayed

You can set the threshold for event data in the Manual Configuration Editor.

To set the threshold for event data:

  1. From the Server menu, select Manual Configuration Editor.
  2. Click Add a new setting... in the first row to activate the cells.
  3. In the blank field under the Type, Section, ID, Key, and Value columns, enter:
  4. Type: Global
    Section: Main
    ID: <blank>

    |Key: MaxEventLogRows
    Value: 100,000
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click Close

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