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Created: 21-Dec-2012 2:26:05 PM
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Troubleshooting issues with small camera resolutions


When auto-detecting certain cameras (for example, Eneo PX Thermal cameras using Eneo as Manufacturer), very small resolution images might not be rendered as expected.


You must allow Symphony to display small resolution images for these cameras. Change resolution image settings for a client and for a server:


  1. Close the Symphony Client window.
  2. Edit the %appdata%\Aimetis\acc.ini file.
  3. Under the [main] section, add ScaleUpImage=False.
  4. Save the acc.ini file.
  5. Open the Symphony Client window.


  1. In Symphony, from the Server menu, select Manual Configuration Editor.
  2. Click Add a new setting... in the first row to activate the cells.
  3. In the blank field under the Type, Section, Key, and Value columns, enter:
  4. Type: Global
    Section: Video
    ID: <blank>
    Key: ScaleUpImage
    Value: False
  5. Click OK. (Verify that the setting has been added.)
  6. Click Close.
  7. Restart trackers for the cameras that are intended to stream small resolution images.

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