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Product: Symphony
Product Version: 7.1
Component: Symphony Server
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Created: 14-Aug-2018 2:12:30 PM
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Integrate a JCI P2000 access control device

You can integrate a JCI P2000 access control device with Symphony to use events from the access control device to trigger alarms.

Supported versions:

  • JCI P2000 v3.14

To integrate the P2000 access control device, complete the following workflow:

  1. Install and configure the P2000 server.
  2. In the P2000 software, create a remote server for the Symphony Server on the System Configuration page (Config > System > Remote Server) with the following information:
    • IP address: IP address of the Symphony Server
    • Port: 50024
    • Protocol: HTTP Post XML Protocol
  3. In the Symphony server configuration interface, add the P2000 access control device and connect to the input sources.

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