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Product: Symphony
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Component: Symphony Client
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Created: 19-Jun-2017 9:31:40 AM
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Keyboard shortcuts

Symphony client interface

Alt + F4Exit the application.
Alt + SpaceOpen the system menu in a floating view.
Ctrl + BCreate a bookmark.
Ctrl + Shift + COpen the server configuration interface.
Ctrl + EView detailed events.
Ctrl + GView log files.
Ctrl + LDisable video.
Ctrl + RView search results.
EscRestore from full-screen mode.
F2Disable a camera tour.
F3Enable a camera tour.
F5Go to the alarm.

Manual configuration editor

BackspaceHide pop-up hint.
EscHide pop-up hint.
Up arrowSelect the previous item.
Down arrowSelect the next item.
EnterAdd the entered text to the current item.
TabAdd the entered text to the current item.

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