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Created: 13-Jul-2012 9:27:02 AM
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How to enable and connect to the data stream from the License Plate Recognition Engine (VE410)

This article is intended for software developers integrating their systems with Symphony.


  1. Open Symphony SDK.
  2. Find the XMLStream project and compile it. The XMLStream project connects to the TCP socket and authorizes the Symphony user to receive the XML data stream. You must extend this application to parse XML data and/or work with multiple connections.
  3. Run XMLStream.exe without arguments from the console. Observe the instructions displayed on how to enable XMLStreaming. For example:
  4. Usage: \SDK\bin\XMLStream.exe <server address> <port> <username> <password> 
    <port> is usually 50013, 50023, 50033, ... for cameras 1, 2, 3, ...
    releases before Jan 9, 2008 use ports 50103, 50203, 50303, ...
  5. Important: Set MultiXMLIntelStream to YES to enable the XML Streaming port.
    • Run the following command on the server ONLY once.
    • dbupdater.exe "insert into settings (type,section,id,k,v) values ('Global','Camera','','MultiXMLIntelStream','YES')"
  6. Restart Symphony services and cameras.
  7. Run XMLStream.exe with the following arguments:
  8. XMLStream.exe localhost 50013 username password
    This will connect to camera with ID 1. It is needed to establish an individual connection to each camera. If a connection drops for any reason, it should reconnect automatically.
  9. Observe the stream of xml data being captured. Write your own code to parse <LPR><plate>WA01047</plate> from the stream:
  10. <stream>
    <frame utc='1337112104144'>
    <object id='15194741' confidence='100'>
    <class confidence='100'>Car</class>
    <rect x='460' y='126' width='280' height='58' />
    <object id='8184276' confidence='100'>
    <class confidence='100'>Car</class>
    <rect x='458' y='126' width='284' height='58' />

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