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2.2.0 Keyboard and Remote Control (CEC) Functions

FunctionRemote Control DeviceKeyboard
Select (from list)SelectEnter
Cancel (list selection)Exit ReturnEsc
Escape Full Screen ModeExit ReturnReturn Esc
Clear Camera Delete
Camera ListC (Yellow)C
View MenuD (Blue)D
Forward 1 second9]
Forward 10 seconds>>>.
Backward 1 second7[
Backward 10 seconds<<<,
Zoom Timeline In-Volume-
Zoom Timeline Out+Volume+=
Timeline LeftLeft ArrowLeft Arrow
Timeline RightRight ArrowRight Arrow
Channel Up+ChannelPage-Up
Channel Down-ChannelPage-Down
*Date Picker  
Live PTZ: Zoom InRed+
Live PTZ: Zoom OutGreen-
Live PTZ: Pan RightRight ArrowRight Arrow
Live PTZ: Pan LeftLeft ArrowLeft Arrow
Live PTZ: Tilt UpUp ArrowUp Arrow
Live PTZ: Tilt DownDown ArrowDown Arrow
Live PTZ: HomeStopHome
Live PTZ: Preset Menu00
Live PTZ: Preset Number123456789123456789

* Mouse and touch control only.

Note: Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) has different trade names depending on the manufacturer. For example:

  • Anynet+ with Samsung
  • Simplink with LG
  • Bravia Link and Bravia Sync with Sony
  • VIERA Link and EZ-Sync with Panasonic

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