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Created: 6-May-2015 12:21:45 PM
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How to Integrate Senstar Outdoor Object Tracker and exacqVision VMS using TCP

Camera Requirements

  • Camera Manufacturer: Axis
  • Chipset: ARTPEC-4 or higher
  • Firmware Version: 5.60 or higher

Task 1: Set up rule in Senstar Outdoor Object Tracker.

See instructions in the Outdoor Object Tracker guide.

Task 2: Set up exacqVision

Set up the Serial Profile

  1. In the exacqVision Client, go to Configuration>exacqVision Server>Serial Profiles.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a Profile Configuration Name, SOT marker (<start>), Marker Type (Standard), EOT marker (<stop>). (SOT and EOT markers are optional and could be helpful when searching for a specific event in the exacqVision Client.)
  4. Click Apply. The Port Name will be visible once you set up the Serial Ports.


Set up the Serial Port

  1. In the exacqVision Client, go to Configuration>exacqVision Server>Serial Ports.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the name of the port.
  4. Under Use, select one of Accessed controlled, Point of Sale, ATM, or unused.
  5. Select a new or existing profile.
  6. For Type, select TCP Listener and enter the IP address of the camera and port (you can use any available port).
  7. For Line Ending enter BREAK, Max Line Length of 80 and a Timeout of 100.
  8. Click Apply.


Task 3: Set up the Axis Camera

Set up Recipient

  1. In the Axis camera website, go Setup.
  2. Go to Events and select Recipients.
  3. Select Add...
  4. The recipient must be the exacqVision server IP and the port must match the port used Task 2 step 6.
    1. Complete the Name, Type (TCP), Network address (address of exacq server), and Port number (any unused port but must be same as what you have entered for the exact server).
    2. Click OK to save the information. The recipient will be displayed in the Recipients list. You will need the Network address you entered again.


Set up Action Rules

  1. Goto Events and select Action Rules.
  2. Select Add...
  3. In the Action Rule Setup screen, select Enable rule and enter a name for your rule.
  4. For Trigger, select Applications and FieldDetector.
  5. Ensure that the IsInside option is set to Yes.
  6. For Type, select Send Notification.
  7. Select the exacqVision recipient you created.
  8. For Message, enter your alarm message. For example: <start>alarm<stop>BREAK
    where BREAK denotes a line break. (Required because of a known bug in Exacq.)
  9. Click OK.


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