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Created: 4-Sep-2012 9:36:06 AM
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How to quickly add another server to a server farm


You have a farm with many servers that has many cameras split over the main servers and redundant servers.

Adding a new server to the multi-server farm by pointing to the database of multi-server farm can take several hours.


Install the new server with its own database and then add the new server to the farm. The process takes about 5 minutes.

To quickly add another server to a server farm:

  1. Run the Setup Wizard.
  2. Set up the new server as its own farm. (You can use the same Xnet credentials you use for the multi-server farm.)
  3. setup wizard
  4. Run Symphony and on the existing multi-server farm, add the newer server to the farm:
    1. From the Server menu, select Configuration. The Server Configuration screen opens
    2. In the side bar, click Server Farm. The Server Farm Summary screen opens.
    3. Click Add Server from another farm and select the new server.
    add server from another farm
  5. Click OK. The process takes about 5 minutes to complete.


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