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Created: 9-Mar-2015 11:41:55 AM
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Devices with versions of the Axis Camera Application Platform compatible with Senstar embedded analytics

Senstar Outdoor Object Tracker, Senstar Motion Tracker and Senstar Crowd Detection can be used on Axis devices that support the Axis Camera Application Platform and have the following CPU:

  • Artpec-4
  • Artpec-5

In addition, camera firmware that support Embedded Development Version 2.0 is required.

Cameras with pan/tilt/zoom capabilities will result in severely diminished tracking accuracy while the camera is moving.

Here is how to determine what version of the the platform your Axis camera includes:

Check CPU Type

  1. Connect to the camera with an SSH client
  2. Run:
    command: cat /proc/cpuinfo
  3. The system type should be displayed

Check Firmware Version

  1. Open the Axis camera user interface
  2. Select Setup > System Options > Support > Logs & Reports
  3. Select "View Server Report"
  4. Find the group: [Properties.EmbeddedDevelopment]
  5. The group EmbeddedDevelopment should equal "Yes"
  6. The version should be displayed

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