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Article Type: How To
Product: R-Series Network Video Recorder
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Created: 27-Nov-2017 2:36:11 PM
Last Updated:

How to create Factory Recovery USB sticks for R-Series NVRs and Operator Stations

Senstar R-Series Network Video Recorders and Operator Stations include a USB stick that can be used to restore the system to factory default settings. If that USB stick is lost or damaged, follow these steps to create a new one.


  • USB memory stick with the capacity mentioned below - all content will be erased
  • Windows computer


Download the appropriate USB stick image for your device:

  • Network Video Recorders

    VersionCompatibilityUSB Stick SizeDownload
    Symphony GBUSB Stick Image

    Follow the instructions found here.

  • Operator Stations

    VersionCompatibilityUSB Stick SizeDownload
    Symphony (client only)All8+ GBUSB Stick Image

    Follow the instructions found here.

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