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Created: 29-Aug-2011 4:14:36 PM
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Gallagher (Cardax) access control devices do not work after upgrade


If you have access control (Gallagher devices only), and you are upgrading from a version before 6.5 to a version that is 6.5 or later, then you must re-add access control.


Task 1: Delete Rules

  1. Delete any rules that were configured for the Gallagher (Cardax) devices in the 6.2 installation in the Server Configuration: Rules Summary dialog box following the 6.5+ upgrade. Gallagher rules carried over from a 6.2 installation will not work and must be deleted, not edited.
  2. Add the Gallagher devices to Symphony 6.5+ before configuring new rules for them.

Task 2: Add Gallagher devices to your upgraded Symphony installation

  • Use the same procedure as if the Gallagher (Cardax) devices were being added for the first time. Use the instructions in the Gallagher (Cardax) Integration Guide with the following adjustments: (
    1. Task 3: Install required packages in Symphony Server

      The OPC Core Components Redistributable and Gallagher (Cardax) OPC Bridge Configuration Version 6 components may already be installed on your Symphony server machine (if previously required for Cardax in 6.2).

      These installations must be repaired using their original installation executable.
    2. Task 5: CardaxListener Windows Service in Symphony Server

      This AI CardaxListener service still exists from the 6.2 installation, but has been stopped, and is not affected by a "Restart Symphony Services" via the Client, so it must be started/restarted manually from the Windows Services application.
    3. Task 6: Add device in Symphony - This must be repeated.
    4. You may need to restart AI CardaxListener service.

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