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Created: 11-Apr-2016 1:04:11 PM
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Client cannot connect to the server remotely


The Product} Client cannot connect remotely to the [:Product Server. You try to connect to a server using its external IP in your Symphony client. For example, you register a server in your client and explicitly specify port 50000 instead of 50001. 

You receive CryptographicException: Bad Data error.


You have specified the wrong port when registering the server from the client. Certain ISPs (e.g., Bell with 2Wire, AT&T, and ARRIS modems) use port 50001 for pushing firmware updates to their modems. Since Symphony uses this port and 50000 for connecting to servers there is a port conflict.


Make sure you specify BasePort + 1.

Notes: You can change the range of ports Symphony uses. See article Client cannot connect to Server after changing Symphony to a non-standard port OR map another port on your router externally (e.g., 50002) to point to 50001 locally.

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