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Article Type: Troubleshooting
Product: Symphony
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Component: Symphony Client
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Created: 13-Sep-2011 5:23:43 PM
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Client cannot connect to Server after changing Symphony to a non-standard port


  1. Changed Symphony BasePort to 40000 by adding the following information to Manual Configuration Editor:
    Type: Server
    Section: Main ID: 5000 Key: BasePort Value: 40000

    Manual Configuration Editor

  2. Restarted services and rebooted machine.
  3. Checked Web client with IE: http://localhost:40000. Result: connects to Server.
  4. Tried to connect with Symphony Client by connecting to "localhost:40000", "localhost", "", ...
    Result: cannot connect to Server.


  • BasePort is for the Web.
  • BasePort+1 is for the Web service. Symphony Client connects to the Web service.

Using the scenario, user should have registered the server as "" and not ""in Symphony Client.



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