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Device Brands: Axis
Created: 26-Sep-2018 9:11:14 AM
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Add Axis cameras with dewarped panoramic view to Thin Client devices

To see the video from an Axis fisheye camera in a dewarped panoramic view, you must manually add the camera using a direct connection with an RTSP URL.

  1. On the camera, select the stream profile setting (for example, panorama), choose the resolution (for example, 1600x600), and select Mirror if required. For more information, see
  2. On the Thin Client device, manually add the camera using the following RTSP URL:
    Where ip_address is the IP address of the camera, profile_id is the stream profile setting for the camera, and resolution is the resolution of the camera.

Stream profile settings:

  • Camera=1 Overview
  • Camera=2 Panorama
  • Camera=3 Double Panorama
  • Camera=4 Quad View
  • Camera=5 View Area 1
  • Camera=6 View Area 2
  • Camera=7 View Area 3
  • Camera=8 View Area 4

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