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Created: 5-Jul-2013 1:36:00 PM
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Troubleshooting the ActiveX control installation

Video playback in the Symphony Web Client works through an installation of an ActiveX control, which is contained in a CAB file that the browser downloads and installs. This is supported only by IE 6+. If the automatic install via Internet Explorer fails, first check that:

  • .Net Framework 2.0+ is installed
  • the web site for Symphony is a trusted site and/or that the IE security setting allows the installation of signed ActiveX controls
  • you have tried the install more than once and given it sufficient time to complete. The ActiveX control installation may take more than a few seconds depending on whether the computer already has Visual C++ 8 Runtime. If this needs to be installed it may take 30-60 seconds on some systems.

If the control still does not install, check for an install log to see where it failed:

  1. Browse to the Symphony Web client, login and view live video to cause the ActiveX control to install.
  2. After the install has failed, view the install log:
    1. In the browser, from the Tools menu, select Internet Options. The Internet Options dialog box opens.
    2. In the Browsing History section on the General tab, click Settings. The Website Data Settings dialog opens.
    3. Click View Files. A Windows Explorer window appears containing temporary internet files.
    4. Sort all the files, ascending by name, and note one or more files that start with
      ?CodeDownloadErrorLog!. Every time an ActiveX component fails to download, a similar log is generated. (You may have more than one of these files).
    5. Locate the log with the most recent modified date.
    6. Leave this window open and click Cancel on both the Website Data Settings and Internet Options dialog boxes to close them.
  3. Drag the log file from Windows Explorer and drop it into the Internet Explorer window to view the log file. The log should give an indication of what is failing.

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