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Created: 12-Nov-2012 5:03:46 PM
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How to define choppy video when communicating with Support

If you see choppy video, before contacting Support, try to match the type of choppy video you're seeing with one of the descriptions in the following list:

  1. Low frame rate video: Video running at 5 FPS or similar value. Objects in the scene move a large distance between frames, and this distance is consistent between frames.
  2. Teleporting objects: Caused by frames being dropped before a key frame.  Video usually plays at 30 FPS correctly, but every few seconds several frames are dropped and any object moving in the scene jumps forward a large distance. Then regular play resumes.
  3. Synchronous video: Objects move quickly, then slowly, then quickly, then slowly.  Does not seem to stay at a consistent speed.
  4. Artifacting video: Caused by frames being dropped. MPG4 or H.264 decompression artifacts show up. Often a trail is left behind moving objects. Usually clears once a second when a key frame comes in, but then artifacts start building up again.
  5. Wrong CODEC: Video always looks bad. Smearing, artifacts, etc. Similar to Artifacting video, but doesn’t correct itself with key frames.

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