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Product: Symphony
Product Version: 6.8
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Created: 15-Dec-2011 3:34:30 PM
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How to verify exported video with logs using md5sum


If you have exported video using the Video Export tool in Symphony Client, both the exported video and the associated log file will be automatically placed on your Desktop (unless you changed the path in the Export Video dialog box).

Using the md5sum program, you must compare the MD5 number in the video export with the MD5 number in the log.

If you do not have an md5sum program, you should obtain the md5sum program from a trusted Internet provider.

To run the md5sum program:

  1. Ensure that both the video export and log file are in the same directory.
  2. In the command line, change directory to the Desktop (or directory containing the 2 files).
  3. C:\Users\myname\Desktop
  4. Here is an example directory showing the 2 files:
  5. 2011-12-15  02:31 PM  <DIR> ..
    2011-12-13 12:03 PM 15,871,488 Vivotek2000 - 704 x 480 - 12fps_20111213_093458.avi
    2011-12-13 12:03 PM 314 Vivotek2000 - 704 x 480 - 12fps_20111213_093458.log
  6. Display the contents of the log file using the more command:
  7. C:\Users\myname\Desktop> more "Vivotek2000 - 704 x 480 - 12fps_20111213_093458.log"
    User:   myname
    Time of Export: 2011-12-13T12:03:19.5165508-05:00
    Video File:     Vivotek2000 - 704 x 480 - 12fps_20111213_093458.avi
    Video File Size:        15871488 bytes
    Video File MD5: 8c6b6265d51e3963435027b8aa68e912
    Start Time:     2011-12-13T14:34:58.0000000Z
    End Time:       2011-12-13T14:49:55.0000000Z
    Duration:       00:09:37

    Note: The MD5 file is highlighted in the example for your convenience.

  8. Run md5sum on the .avi file:
  9. C:\Users\myname\Desktop> md5sum "Vivotek2000 - 704 x 480 - 12fps_20111213_093458.avi"
  10. The result should show you the exact same MD5 number that is contained in the log file.
  11. In this example, both numbers match. The file has NOT been tampered with.
  12. 8c6b6265d51e3963435027b8aa68e912 *Vivotek2000 - 704 x 480 - 12fps_20111213_093458.avi


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