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Working with a NAS


Most problems when working with NAS are based on Permissions issues.


Create a new user that has full permission and then change AI Services to run as this new user and NOT the "System" user that it is currently used by default.

Task 1: Log in once per server with the new user account you want to use for Services.

  1. In Windows, open the Services dialog box.
  2. Right-click on AI Watchdog and select Properties. The Properties dialog box for the specific service opens.
  3. Click the Log On tab. Specify this new user's account.
  4. A popup message appears. Grant permission to log on as a service.

Task 2: Modify the user account through Symphony Manage Services and change the user account:

  1. From the Server menu, select Services, and then Manage Services.
  2. In the Service Startup group area, select the This account option and enter the user name and password for the new user account


Information only. Do not use.

AI Tracker services usually run under the "System" account on the server. This account must have read/write permission where the data is stored (that is, the NAS). Users must have proper permissions between Windows and NAS. You do not need to change any Symphony settings.

Give the local "System" user read/write/delete permissions on the NAS and Windows, but this creates a security problem by essentially allowing any user on that system to have administrator permissions.

Note: Use the UNC path ( \\NASlocation) for accessing\writing to the NAS. Mapped drives are relevant only to interactive logons; therefore, a mapped drive will not be accessible to the service.

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