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Created: 29-Aug-2011 5:44:32 PM
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System.UnauthorizedAccessException: User cannot perform Connect on Farm:[]


User attempts to log in and receives this message: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: User <username> cannot perform Connect on Farm:[<farmname>]

Probable Cause

When an administrator changes the Active Security Profile, a logged-in user in Symphony Client will see a message on the screen such as Systems says: Profile <profile name> activated.

However, if the user is not logged in at the time of the change and logs in later:

  • The user will not have seen this message, and
  • If the changed security profiles prevent the user from logging in, the System.UnauthorizedAccessException error message will be issued.


If the Security Profile is changed, the administrator must remember to change the Profile back in order to restore users to their default permissions. For instructions, see Managing Security Profiles in the Senstar Administration and Analytics Guide.

Note: Access rights are not defined in the Security Profiles dialog box. To modify user permissions per Security Profile, configure the appropriate Group in User Configuration.

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